Environmental Declarations can be found in the relevant product pages, under the Product Overview heading.

The purpose of the Arjowiggins Graphic Environmental Declarations are to present accurate information on the environmental impact of: the production of our recycled pulp, the manufacturing of our paper, our virgin fibre pulp supply, our environmental management.

The information compiled in these declarations is based on common directives of WWF scorecard calculations. The main parameters which are declared in WWF scorecard refer mainly to the production of pulp and paper.

Arjowiggins Graphic Environmental Declarations contain information on:

Materials used to manufacture the product, i.e. recycled fibres or virgin fibres

Detailed environmental parameters, including water (COD, AOX, NR, P), air (SO2, Nox, CO2), energy consumption and landfill

Relevant environmental certificates (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, FSC®, APUR, etc.)

Our transportation policies which aim to optimise logistics

Our carbon footprint; specified in equivalent CO2 emissions per ton of paper produced (in the relevant mill) and the methods used to calculate our carbon footprint, including coverage of these calculations

The packaging of our papers (all of which can be either recycled or incinerated to produce energy)

The use of chemicals – which comply with REACH European regulations

Arjowiggins Graphic have produced Environmental Declarations for all products

If a product is manufactured in two different mills, it will have two Environmental Declarations and so on.

Such declarations enable customers to make informed paper choices and to purchase products in line with their environmental policies.