Cyclus delivers bikes to India with Un Enfant Par La Main

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Public transport in India is underdeveloped. The remoteness of the schools makes the continuation of schooling very complicated. Young girls are most affected by these difficulties and are often forced to stop school because of the length of their journeys.

In 2016, Arjowiggins Graphic launched a global collaboration with Un Enfant Par La Main, a partner of ChildFund International. This partnership directly championed women’s education by funding much-needed bicycles to provide safe transport to school for female students across India as well as raises awareness of Cyclus’ first-rate environmental and ethical credentials. The campaign called on designers, printers, print managers and corporate end users to watch the videos on the impactful campaign website. For every 50 video views Arjowiggins Graphic provides one bike for a female student in India, the basic transportation needed to get to school safely thus encouraging them to continue with their education. Arjowiggins Graphic provided 100 bikes as a result of the campaign.