Cyclus Silk

  • FSC
  • EU Ecolabel

Cyclus Silk is a 100% recycled, 2-sided silk coated paper, which produces particularly outstanding results when used with four colour offset printing. CyclusSilk has a unique velvety surface which is perfect for large areas of solid colour and high quality photographic reproduction

Paper made from 100% recycled pulp requires much less water and a considerable reduction in energy consumption compared to paper made from virgin fiber. By choosing Cyclus Silk, you can meet your environmental commitments without compromising the visual quality of your work.

Cyclus Silk 70-130gsm

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See how much you can reduce your consumption of the world's natural resources by using Cyclus Silk


Product certifications

  • FSC® Recycled certified (N° FSC-C021878) upon request
  • EU Ecolabel certification (N° FR/011/003)
  • Paper by Nature
  • PCF: Process Chlorine Free
  • Din 6738: Age-resistant standard suitable for archives (LDK class 24-85)

Digital Certifications

logo_new_cutting_lineHigh precision machine cut paper with optimised wrapping:

Parent reels are cut into digital sizes using the latest generation of fully automated cutting equipment:

  • Reduced risks of paper jams for lower maintenance costs
  • Increased digital press lifetime (no dust, no impurities)
  • Perfect size and squareness (+/-0,5mm)

Protective wrapping perfectly positioned

Konica Minolta

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner
HP Indigo

Liquid toner

Suitable Guaranteed

* papers only guaranteed up to 160gsm - suitable above 160gsm
Test have been performed by a UK independent test center and trials have been undertaken accordingly

Printing & Folding techniques

  • Offset, dry offset and web offset with heatset drying
  • All inks suitable for coated paper
  • Varnish and lamination
  • Suitable for clamps, thread and adhesive binding.


  • Catalogues,
  • magazines,
  • brochures,
  • promotional prints,
  • posters,
  • direct mail
  • etc.