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Chromomat (FSC® certified) is the superior chlorine-free, woodfree matt coated paper choice due to its high whiteness and unrivalled smooth surface. As a result, image intensity is excellent, as is legibility and the unique print finish that is achieved due to the printing contrast from ink coverage.

Chromomat also offers a very short drying time, ink rub resistance and is ideal for long print runs giving excellent reproduction results.

Chromomat : 90-400 gsm

Fully compatible with all digital presses :
See how much you can reduce your consumption of the world's natural resources by using Chromomat


Product certifications

FSC® Mix certified (N° FSC-C021878)
HP Indigo certified
ECF: Elemental Chlorine Free
ISO 9706: Age-resistant standard suitable for archives (LDK class 24-85)

Printing & Folding techniques

Guaranteed for offset litho, letterpress and silkscreen printings.
Guaranteed for digital printing and certified on HP Indigo machines.

Suitable for all varnishes, film lamination, foil blocking, embossing, folding and die cutting.

Pre-creasing is recommended for 150 gsm and over.


Brochures, report and accounts, catalogues, folders, magazines, press releases, greeting cards, mailings, etc.