Chromomat Ivoire

  • FSC
  • EU Ecolabel

Chromomat ivoire is a two sided woodfree matt coated paper, chlorine and acid-free, recyclable and biodegradable. Chromomat ivoire is resistant to ageing and available in sheets.

Chromomat ivoire is a perfect paper for high quality documents, particularly where an equal balance between text and image is required. It is famous for its ivory colour, its real matt finish, its raw touch and excellent runnability.

Chromomat ivoire 140-300 gsm

See how much you can reduce your consumption of the world's natural resources by using Chromomat Ivoire


Product certifications

FSC® Mix certified (N° FSC-C021878)
ECF: Elemental Chlorine Free
ISO 9706: Age-resistant standard suitable for archives (LDK class 24-85)

Printing & Folding techniques

Offset litho, letterpress, die-stamping, silk screen, flexography and gravure
Printing inks, conventional, UV and IR

Film lamination, hot foil blocking
Varnishing, machine, UV and emulsion sealing
Binding – thread, wire and adhesive
Folding (grammages above 170g/m² should be pre-creased using correct channel matrix system for the thickness – once scored fold into bead)


Brochures, report and accounts, catalogues, folders, magazines, press releases, greeting cards, mailings, etc.