Testimony: Dakini chose the new premium brand Teknocard 1 100% recycled SBS Board that is ideal for packaging applications.

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Dakini For Body & Soul offer a comprehensive range of body care products. Lovingly made by hand in the south of France they contain only natural and organic ingredients. Dakini chose the new premium brand Teknocard 1 100% recycled that is ideal for packaging applications.

Founder Luce Aubry says: “Dakini adopts a totally respectful approach to skin, the environment, and uses eco friendly methods of production. It was important for me to find packaging that was 100% recycled to be consistent with this approach, and therefore contribute as much as possible to the conservation of natural resources, without compromising on the whiteness and print quality. The printing company I work with in Castres, Couleurs d’Autan, immediately recommended the Teknocard 1 100% recycled, and I am very happy with the results.”


Couleurs d’Autan are completely satisfied with the product’s quality, and confirm that Teknocard 1 100% recycled offers the same level of print quality as a non-recycled board. What is more, this board lends itself perfectly to creating packaging for beauty products: Excellent for lamination, cutting and folding , meaning that the packaging results are high-quality, attractive, and eco-friendly – just like Dakini.


The brand-new Teknocard range is made in France and offers boards that are suitable for all graphical and packaging applications. The range is available in 1 or 2 side coated, non-coated, virgin fibre pulp or recycled. It is exclusively distributed in France by Antalis.