FSC COP21 - Interview Gilles Lhermitte - Sustainable Development Director at Arjowiggins

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A manifesto: preserving the value of forests and fighting to mitigate climate change

As a pioneer of forests preservation worldwide, FSC wishes to challenge the decision-makers by launching a manifesto. For what purpose? First, to federate actors who provide a solution in the preservation of forests and secondly, to make FSC certification a reflex, not only for the public actors, but also for the private ones and the consumers.

Gilles Lhermitte, Sustainable Development Director at Arjowiggins Graphic, explains in the following interview why Arjowiggins Graphic signed this manifesto.


Why did you sign this manifesto?

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a major objective for Arjowiggins Graphic; not only in its own installations and processes, but also through its supply of raw materials. We are also convinced that forests have a major role to play in the fight against global warming. As such, since 2009 we have been in partnership with FSC France to promote responsible forestry management. It was thus completely logical that we support FSC France’s manifesto within the framework of COP21.

What part does FSC certification play in Arjowiggins Graphic’s policy ?

Arjowiggins Graphic’s policy falls into two areas. The first one being the generalisation of a high quality offer of recycled paper with a high whiteness which applies to all the graphic applications of today. The second being our commitment to only ever use virgin fibers sourced from forests managed in a responsible way. As a result, all the ranges proposed by Arjowiggins Graphic today are available with FSC certification, the guarantee of our commitment in a responsible management for forest resources.

Forests for all, for ever.

For further information, visit the FSC dedicated website: www.fsccop21.com