Bottega Verde goes green and uses 100% recycled paper

Bottega Verde

Packaging, communication and premium shopping bags can all have a heavy impact on the environment. With this in mind, Bottega Verde aims to be green both in name and in deed; it now uses 100% recycled paper for all its communication activities. The Tuscany-based company produces cosmetics using natural active ingredients. By choosing to be environmentally sustainable even in its printing activities, it aims to boost its green credentials. Bottega Verde uses Arjowiggins Graphic recycled paper for its product catalogues, loyalty catalogues, direct marketing materials and premium shopping bags – available at points of sale.


“We have decided to use recycled paper to support our commitment to protecting the environment. In so doing, we are concretely and significantly reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and preserving natural resources – which are absolutely fundamental values for us. In choosing to print on recycled paper throughout 2016, we have reduced our water consumption by 48 million litres, which equates to the consumption of 230 people for a little over three years; we reduced our CO2 emissions by over 300,000 kg, which equates to the fuel consumption of a Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 driving from Lisbon to Moscow 430 times (4,567 km); and reduced our wood consumption by over 2 million kg, which equates to 22,414 average trees. Last but not least, the high-quality of our final printed materials and their efficient impact have become fundamental in supporting our communication activities”, explains Matteo Cerreia Vioglio, Bottega Verde Supply Chain Director.

Eco CalcolatoreBottega Verde‘s environmental benefits were calculated using the Arjowiggins Graphic Eco-Calculator, an exclusive online tool that is available to customers using their recycled papers. The Eco-Calculator allows customers to assess, in concrete terms, their environmental savings following their choice to print on recycled paper versus virgin wood fibre paper. The tool calculates savings in six key areas; waste diverted from landfill, water, electricity, wood, CO2 emissions avoided and the equivalent number of kilometres driven by car.

Cyclus, the 100% recycled paper chosen by Bottega Verde, uses 59% less non-renewable energy in production. In addition, compared to virgin wood fibre paper, Cyclus uses 61% less water  as the water is recycled during the process, generatings 38% fewer CO2 emissions. Additionally, the bleaching and de-inking processes are carried out using natural products, without any chemical agents. CyclusPrint, used for catalogues and letters, is produced using exclusively 100% recycled fibres, and was designed to guarantee optimum printing of colour images and texts. For premium shopping bags, Bottega Verde uses CyclusPack, whose natural white and excellent surface quality are ideal to enhance the aspect of all packaging materials.