BLOG: Ming Lee of LUV

Ming Lee, Senior Creative Designer at LUV, a leading digital and design agency, shares his views on the importance of using sustainable papers.

LUV is a friendly agency collaborating with clients to bring rigour and flair across a mix of different projects; being strategy-led and results oriented.  At LUV we aim to be as sustainable as possible and inspire our clients to share in this approach.  When a client comes to us with a job we would always recommend a recycled and sustainable paper as a first choice.  Sometimes it’s because the natural aesthetic works well for a particular job but more often it’s because recycled paper reflects well on our clients as well as on us as an agency.

Arjowiggins - Spitalfields A.R.

We’ve definitely seen the trend towards more environmentally responsible materials. Clients are always going to need printed materials, even in reduced numbers, but the impact can be vastly improved by using materials that are sustainable.

Cyclus Offset is our go to ‘natural’ paper for Report and Accounts. It translates really well in print because of its natural texture and tones, whereas other standard non-recycled papers are generally too bleached and have an ‘off the shelf’ feel. Even though it has a natural tone it retains the great vibrancy of the colours within both photos and graphics. Clients like it because it has a recycled look and feel which reflects well on their environmental commitments.

Arjowiggins - IDS A.R.

For one of our clients, a housing association called Industrial Dwellings Society est.1885, we are currently working on a full rebranding project. As a part of this we created their Report and Accounts using a combination of Cyclus Offset 100% recycled for the text pages and a duplex of two Pop’Set papers for the cover. They were impressed with the paper selection and the whole look and feel of the job. As a result, they’re now looking to introduce more recycled stock into their standard printed materials. I’m really happy to have been able to influence that decision. At LUV we aim to develop long-term relationships where we can come to call our clients our partners, and offer long term, immeasurable value.