BLOG: Georgina Jarvis of Ted Baker

Ted Baker Fashions a Better Future

Georgina Jarvis, Print Production Manager from Ted Baker London, the British luxury clothing brand, shares her thoughts on the importance of using recycled materials in print and design.

Ted Baker’s global sustainability strategy, ‘Fashioning a Better Future’, has been developed to ensure every department in every part of the company has a role to play in improving the impact of the business for the better. This includes the design and print team.

Arjowiggins - Ted Baker Annual Report

We are mandated by the business to make a conscious effort to minimise waste. Whenever we do need to produce printed materials, I try to choose paper products that are sustainable and recycled and never to produce more than the business needs.

We use Cyclus Offset 100% recycled paper regularly in our communications. A good example of this is in our Annual Report, where we have used it for the last four years. This year’s was designed entirely out of one colour and Cyclus really helped it pop, while at the same time echoed the simplicity and paired back nature of the aesthetic. We also use Cyclus Offset for TED newspapers where it’s essential to the finished look and feel.

Arjowiggins - Ted Baker Annual Report

What’s exciting about using recycled papers is that it’s a physical manifestation of responsible choices to minimise the impact on the environment, it links straight into the commitment of the business overall.

With Cyclus Offset there is the added benefit of accessing the unique environmental calculator, so you’re able to demonstrate the reduction* in landfill, water, CO2 and greenhouse gases, energy and wood use by choosing recycled papers.

Arjowiggins - Ted Baker Annual Report

*Source: Carbon Footprint data evaluated by Labelia Conseil. Virgin fibres from non-integrated mill data latest European BREF data