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The leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, Arjowiggins Graphic, has been announced a winner of multiple accolades at the WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2016.

Arjowiggins Graphic has received the WWF Environmental paper Awards 2016 (Category “Transparency”) for publishing the forest, climate and water footprint for 100% of their paper products in the categories Uncoated, Coated and Speciality Paper.

Moreover, 17 Arjowiggins Graphic papers have received the WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2016 in the category “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands”.

Cyclus 100% Recycled, reaching 92% of achievable scores and Cocoon Silk 100% recycled reaching 86%, have been among the winners of WWF´s Environmental Paper Awards 2016 in the category “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands.

Gilles Lhermitte Sustainability Director at Arjowiggins Graphic, said “We are incredibly proud to have been recognised by the leading international environmental body, WWF, for our efforts to be environmentally accountable and produce environmentally responsible products. Our success at this year’s awards will hopefully demonstrate to others that paper can be produced responsibly and that both paper producers and suppliers can have a meaningful role in a “green economy”.

WWF created the WWF Environmental Paper Awards to recognise and encourage company efforts in reducing the forest, water and climate footprint of paper production. WWF´s Check your Paper Method, which is simple but scientifically robust, is the basis for the WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2016. Winners are awarded in 3 categories – access details here:



For further information and images please contact:
Lynda Redington, Another Word
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Helma Brandlmaier, WWF International
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Notes to Editors

WWF is managing two key accountability tools to encourage continual improvement in the pulp and paper sector: WWF´s Check your Paper focuses on brand level performance (and is the basis for the WWF Environmental Paper Awards); the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index looks at a company´s overall performance, including targets. Both accountability tools are aligned in their methods and are based on voluntary participation by companies. They are designed for all the main pulp and paper categories including coated and uncoated papers, newsprint, tissue, packaging and board papers, speciality papers and pulp.

WWF´s Check your Paper (CYP) was created in 2007 in cooperation with paper buyers to reduce the complexity in evaluating a paper product´s footprint. The CYP Method was developed in cooperation with scientists, paper buyers, producers and NGOs and is a simple but scientifically robust method in evaluating a paper product’s footprint.
CYP was also designed to assist companies along the whole pulp and paper supply chain to work together in their efforts towards greater sustainability and credibility. Since 2015 it also includes an online Self-Check as free and non-public management tool to support a company’s internal decision making between sales, marketing, production/technical and procurement divisions.
Check your Paper features also a public database for pulp and paper products with high environmental standards.

The WWF Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) evaluates a company´s overall performance, including targets. The EPCI started in its current form in 2010 and credits transparency and improvements over time, publishing aggregated findings company by company without direct comparisons. Companies receive non-public benchmarking report cards for company internal discussions. Participation today covers 15% of the world paper and 15% of the world´s pulp production.
It has increased from 5 participants in 2010, to 15 (in 19 product categories) in 2011, 25 participants (in 40 product categories) in 2013 and 31 participants (in 52 product categories) in 2015 with the following regional spread: (participants by region/headquarter locations: 14 Europe, 8 North America, 6 South/Central America, 2 Asia, 1 Africa). The next EPCI will be published in November 2017 – get more information from URL:

About Arjowiggins Graphic

Arjowiggins Graphic is a leader in the development of innovative environmental paper solutions, offering consistently high quality coated and uncoated recycled papers. The branch is part of Arjowiggins, the world’s leading manufacturer of creative high-tech materials and papers. With over 3,500 employees and 16 paper mills around the world, Arjowiggins generates sales of around €905 million. Arjowiggins is the manufacturing arm of Sequana.

About WWF

WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organizations, with over 5 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. WWF´s has a long standing track record working with companies towards continual improvement within the forest and paper sectors and to increase supply chain transparency. WWF´s Check your Paper platform and the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index are key accountability tools to motivate and reward continual improvement in the forest products sector. For more information, visit