Arjowiggins Graphic and ChildFund Alliance help provide ‘Light to Learn’ for children in Mali

Arjowiggins Graphic and ChildFund Alliance help provide ‘Light to Learn’ for children in Mali

As a business committed to creating a brighter future for all, Arjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, supported by paper merchant Antalis,  has announced today details of a new global collaboration with Childfund Alliance which will support education for children in Mali by providing ‘light to learn.’

For this year’s annual Cyclus campaign the company is helping to provide much-needed solar lamps to children living in villages without electricity so that they can do their homework in the dark as part of the charity’s global ‘Light to Learn’ challenge. The campaign also hopes to raise awareness of Cyclus 100% Recycled Papers’ first-rate environmental and ethical credentials.

To raise vital awareness of the issue, the campaign calls on designers, printers, print managers and end users to watch a video highlighting this challenging issue on  For every 25 video views Arjowiggins Graphic will fund a solar lamp for a child living in a village in Mali, giving them the means of doing their homework and fulfilling their educational ambitions.  The aim is to provide 200 solar lamps by the end of the campaign, which runs from the beginning of May to the end of June 2017.

Launching globally in 35 countries, including Spain, Malaysia, China and the UK, this latest initiative is part of the businesses’ ongoing commitment to funding the education of children in less privileged parts of the world.


Arjowiggins - Cyclus 2017 Spring

When visiting the dedicated website customers can also request a limited edition Cyclus notepad containing pages of CyclusOffset 90gsm, and a cover which features a soft touch varnish and embossing on CyclusPrint 350gsm.  The exclusive notepad perfectly showcases Cyclus’ unique look and feel.  Arjowiggins Graphic is supporting the campaign with mailings, e-mails, web-banners and a #cycluspaper social media campaign.




A striking and playful campaign mailer, 150mmx150mm in size when closed and 450mmx450mm when fully opened, which incorporates vibrant Mali-inspired print designs, has also been produced and will be sent to approximately 37,000 customers worldwide.  Using Arjowiggins Graphic’s CyclusOffset 200gsm and CyclusPrint 200gsm, recipients will discover a new Cyclus characteristic with each section opened, with the education initiative finally being revealed at the end. It features a fluorescent orange cover highlighting the exquisite touch and feel of the Cyclus range.

Arjowiggins - Cyclus 2017 Spring

CyclusPrint is a 100% recycled matt-coated natural white printing paper for use in both full colour and black and white printing and ideal for a variety of uses whilst Cyclus Offset is a 100% recycled uncoated natural white paper that accentuates the creative message, where touch and feel combine with and support – the visual image.

Angela De Vorchik, Operational Marketing Manager at Arjowiggins Graphic UK, said: “Since 2012, Cyclus has partnered with charities to support the education of vulnerable children worldwide, and give them the tools to break out of poverty.  This year’s partnership with Bornefonden, a partner of ChildFund Alliance enables us and our customers to make a genuine difference to the lives of children in Mali. Cyclus is rich in environmental and ethical principles and so joining forces with ChildFund Alliance is a natural fit for the brand. This year we have implemented a purposefully engaging campaign approach to encourage our customers to view the videos and learn how something as simple as a solar lamp can revolutionise a child’s life.” 

Lisa Gaspar, Communication Manager of Un Enfant par la Main, member of Childfund Alliance, says: “Our mission of ensuring that every child, regardless of background, has the opportunity to grow with dignity, to learn and to have a future, is dependent on the support and collaboration of compassionate companies like Arjowiggins Graphic.  Thanks to their support with this Cyclus campaign, and that of their customers, 200 children in Mali, will receive vital lighting to continue their studies and in turn improve not only their own life but those of their communities.”

The campaign is being rolled out in the UK by Antalis, a stockist of CyclusMike Bennett, Marketing Manager, Antalis UK comments: “We are proud to be a part of a Cyclus campaign which is supporting the education of vulnerable children.  With this campaign, we are able to showcase the tactile texture, high-quality shade and finish available for printed communication with this first-rate environmentally accredited range.  Thanks to its innovative manufacturing process, the Cyclus range has significantly reduced environmental impact.  It can help businesses not only strengthen their CSR objectives but produce communications of an excellent print quality and minimal environmental impact.”

Childfund Alliance is a worldwide alliance of children’s development organizations, working in 58 countries to improve the lives of vulnerable and excluded children, help them overcome poverty, and achieve their right. One of the charities current focuses it is global ‘Light to Learn’ challenge, whereby solar book lights are provided to children living in communities without power so that they can continue learning after the sun sets.

You can watch the new #cycluspaper video now by visiting and help make a difference in the life of a child.


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A worldwide-alliance of children’s development organisations, which work in 58 countries to improve the lives of vulnerable and excluded children, as well as help them overcome poverty, and access their rights.

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