Products overview

The priority objective of Arjowiggins Graphic is the development of recycled, coated and uncoated,eco-responsible and innovative papers that offer its clients unequalled levels of quality and performance.

The unique production process for de-inked pulp at the Greenfield manufacturing plant enables the production of high-end recycled papers using varying levels of de-inked pulp, which offer an exceptional degree of whiteness only previously experienced using virgin fibres.

The Arjowiggins Graphic range of eco-responsible papers, manufactured predominantly with recycled fibres, is the largest on the European market:

product_overview_1A green portfolio of 100% or partly recycled papers, coated or uncoated, with white shade (Cocoon) or natural shade (Cyclus, Eural) product_overview_2A Coated 2-side range of FSC® certified papers ® (the MCS range: Maine gloss / Chromomat / Satimat, or our coated specialities: Idéal and  Chromomat ivoire) product_overview_3Speciality papers for specific applications such as Transfer papers, Tissue papers, Label and packaging, Posters and display, Laminated papers product_overview_4A digital offer with papers suitable for digital printing (ranges as Cocoon, Cyclus, Eural, Reprint, MCS) product_overview_5An inkjet offer with a new range of 100% recycled papers, engineered specifically for inkjet colour printing such as Cocoon Jet, Cocoon Jet Pro, Cocoon Jet Silk and Cyclus Jet Premium

See our green offer chart detailing a product description, grammages, recovered paper percentage, CIE whiteness and environmental certificates: