Speciality papers are high added value, differentiated papers such as transfer papers, tissue papers, coated 1 side and laminated papers.

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Transfer Papers

Transfer paper can be used for quality designs on textiles (e.g. T105, x90).

Transfer Papers

Tissue Papers

Tissue paper for napkins and other applications (e.g. Kaleido).


Coated 1 Side Papers

Coated 1 Side paper for labelling and packaging (e.g. Maine 1 Face)


Logo Maine 1 Face

Poster and Display Papers

Discover Arjowiggins large range of papers for point of sale advertising campaigns and promotional activities such as posters, banners and hanging signs (shops, exhibitions, airports, railway stations, ...).

Complementary products which are suitable for different communications, depending on the local legislation, type of application and environmental strategy.

  • Maine M1 : A range of flame retardant coated papers M1 certified.
  • Maine Opak : Mat 2 side coated highly opaque board.

Maine M1Maine Opak

Laminated Papers

Laminated paper for applications such as playing cards and scratch cards.