Making Paper Waste a Creative

Making Paper Waste a Creative

Making Paper Waste a Creative

As you all know now the world is reducing plastic waste. The use of plastic has been greatly reduced for human life. But actually it’s not only plastic that needs to be reduced in use, paper also has to.

Making Paper Waste a Creative

Humans use a lot of paper as a basic material. Even various objects use paper material to save costs. The use of paper is actually very alarming. Without paper there are indeed many sectors that are hampered.

And even because the use of plastic has begun to be reduced, many sectors are turning to paper to replace plastic. paper waste is very much now. Actually paper waste can indeed be recycled easily.

Paper can be recycled up to 7 times before the fiber gets shorter and thinner. Therefore, of course much can be done for paper waste. In the following, some creativity is made from paper waste:


Lots of people make unique works using paper. You can make baskets with paper rolls stacked like baskets. Why use rolled paper? So that the edges of the basket are stronger and not easily destroyed.

Wall Display

Wall displays are decorations that you can also make by yourself. Take some vocabulary in the magazine and gather it into a sentence, and stick it on a pedestal that can be mounted on a wall.

Ornate Like Origami

Making origami can use a variety of papers. You can use unused paper like newspapers or magazines. Create a variety of forms of origami and make it as a hanger for room ornaments to make it look more unique.


Almost like a basket, you can make paper as material from a storage box. Make paper by rolling and sticking it together. This recycling is very useful for using paper waste to make it more useful.

There are still many things you can make using paper junk that you no longer use. Making this recycling can make the environment more friendly and can save the world by recycling paper.