Green portfolio

Arjowiggins Graphic offers the most exhaustive range of green papers in the European market; choose from 100% recycled or partly recycled papers. Whether coated, uncoated or coated 1 side, you have the choice of an extra white or natural shade: dependent on whether you prefer aesthetical qualities similar to a paper made from virgin fibres, or natural qualities which illustrate your support for environmentally responsible papers.

Green Coated paper

Arjowiggins Graphic coated papers have a coating which re-produces the most beautiful printed results. Detail, tone, finish; all these qualities are standard in our ranges - manufactured with innovation that produces exceptional results, in two different shades : white or natural.

White coated papers are exceptionally white for recycled grades and they all meet the same performance standards as non-recycled papers; excellent runnability, printability and whiteness (CIE 214). These papers are Maine gloss green, Satimat green (60% recycled) and the increasingly renown European innovation Cocoon Gloss / Cocoon Silk (100% recycled).

Natural coated papers are 'recycled papers that look recycled' for customers wanting to demonstrate their commitment to the environment at a glance. Customers can use CyclusPrint / CyclusSilk, RePrint, Eural Premium, Eural Supersilk and Eural Ecopro.

Green Uncoated paper

Arjowiggins Graphic uncoated papers have their very own characteristics and are available in 2 different shades : white or natural.

White uncoated papers are exceptionally white for papers manufactured with recycled fibres (CIE 150) - they are top quality uncoated papers made from 100% FSC® certified recycled pulp, with an ultra smooth surface providing good printability - choose Cocoon Offset / Cocoon Preprint.

Natural uncoated papers emphasise the creative message, where touch and feel are combined with the visual image. You can use CyclusOffset, CyclusEnvelopes, CyclusOffice or Eural Offset.

Green Coated 1 Side paper

A coated one side paper is paper which is printed on one side - the other side is used for glues, adhesives or PE coatings. These papers are used for labels (cans, glass or plastic containers), lamination onto luxury products or fragrance packaging, games boxes and soft packaging (coffee, chocolate, cigarettes...etc.).

Maine 1 Face Green is the Arjowiggins Graphic green coated 1 side paper, produced using 60% recycled FSC®-certified pulp and 40% FSC®-certified virgin fibre pulp.