A range of high quality natural white 100% recycled papers, manufactured at the Papeteries du Bourray Mill in Le Mans, France.

Why choose Eural ? 
- 63% less energy comsumption compared to a virgin fibre paper*
- 49% less water consumption compared to a virgin fibre paper*
- Reduction of CO2 emissions by 26% (Eural Premium) and 38% (Eural Offset) compared to virgin fibre paper*
- The water is recycled many times during the production process
- The paper is de-inked using chlorine free natural materials

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100 Recycled - Eural Premium100 Recycled - Eural Supersilk
100 Recycled - Eural Offset100 Recycled - Eural Preprint
100 Recycled - Eural Ecopro100 Recycled - Eural Office100 Recycled - Eural Enveloppe

Eural is manufactured using de-inked post-consumer and post-industrial waste without any bleaching processes.

Already the bearer of numerous ecolabels (Blue Angel, FSC) Eural reached a new milestone in its sustainable development with the European Ecolabel certification.

* Sources:
Carbon footprint data evaluated by Labelia Conseil in accordance with the Bilan Carbone® methodology.
Calculations based on a comparison between the recycled paper used versus a virgin fibre paper according to the latest European BREF data (virgin fibre paper) available.