Teknocard 2100% recycled

  • FSC
  • EU Ecolabel

Teknocard 2 100% recycled is a coated 2 sides premium board FSC® Recycled certified for packaging and graphical applications.

Teknocard 2 100% recycled guarantees outstanding bulk, stiffness and dimensional stability and is intended to deliver exceptional color reproduction and converting performance.

Teknocard 2  100% recycled is  a great value product with high whiteness, ultimate printability and all the laminating and embossing the market needs.

If you seek information not shown below or samples, contact your local sales office or email teknocard@arjowiggins.com

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Printing & Folding techniques

Guaranteed for Offset litho, suitable for silk screen printing and for use in mono and color laser printers.
Compatible with IR-drying and UV-curing. Suitable for offset varnishes, acrylic and UV.
Suitable for foil lamination, hot-foil / cold foil blocking, blind embossing (avoid sharp edges on tools), and die-cutting.
Folding pre-creasing recommended.  Suitable for clamps, wire thread and adhesive binding, and perforation