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  • EU Ecolabel
  • Archive suitable DIN 6738

CyclusSilk is a 100% recycled, 2-sided silk coated paper, which produces particularly outstanding results when used with four colour offset printing. CyclusSilk has a unique velvety surface which is perfect for large areas of solid colour and high quality photographic reproduction

Paper made from 100% recycled pulp requires much less water and a considerable reduction in energy consumption compared to paper made from virgin fiber. By choosing CyclusSilk, you can meet your environmental commitments without compromising the visual quality of your work.

CyclusSilk 80-170gsm

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Features & benefits

The Ultimate Recycled

Cyclus production is based on an extensive recycling concept. Nearly everything is reused in the process: plastics, metals and residual sludge.


100% Commitment

100% Commitment. No Compromise. When it comes to theenvironmental facts we let themspeak for themselves:

100% recycled fibres

Natural shade without OBA’s

Manufactured to the moststringent environmentalcertifications


100 % sense

Meets the requirements and expectations of the professional printer providing a product that deliver on runnability, printability, offer the desired finish and at the same time protect the environment.