Cocoon Silk

  • FSC
  • EU Ecolabel
  • HP Indigo

Cocoon Silk is a coated recycled paper manufactured using a totally chlorine free process and certified as FSC® 100% recycled. Cocoon Silk meets the same performance standards as non-recycled paper; with excellent runnability, printability and whiteness (CIE 126).

Cocoon Silk also has an exceptionally high quality surface, which brings out the best in printed images.

100% recycled, 100% white : 90-350 gsm

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Features & benefits

Made from 100% FSC® recycled pulp
Meets the needs of the environmentally responsible consumer by recycling and reusing post-consumer waste paper, avoiding landfill and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Minimises your environmental footprint
Reduces the COkg per tonne by 25% compared to virgin fibre products

High whiteness (CIE 126)
Level of whiteness only previously experienced with virgin fibre papers