Cocoon Office

  • FSC
  • EU Ecolabel
  • Archive suitable DIN 6738

Cocoon Office is an extra-white FSC® certified 100% recycled paper. Cocoon Office is the ultimate 100% recycled high performance multi-purpose office paper solution with extra whiteness (CIE 150).

With an even, beautifully smooth surface, Cocoon Office delivers quality, reliable print results. The accurate sheeting, consistent moisture content and curl control ensure trouble free performance for optimum machine runnability.

Cocoon Office offers excellent opacity, enabling you to copy and print double-sided.

Available in A4 & A3 sizes as a 80gsm weight.

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Features & benefits

Made from 100% FSC® recycled pulp
Meets the needs of the environmentally responsible consumer by recycling and reusing post-consumer waste paper, avoiding landfill and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Minimises your environmental footprint
Reduces the COkg per tonne by 25% compared to virgin fibre products

High whiteness (CIE 150)
Level of whiteness only previously experienced with virgin fibre papers