Cocoon Envelope

  • FSC
  • EU Ecolabel

Cocoon Envelope is a top quality 100% recycled FSC® Recycled certified extra white envelope paper (CIE150).

Cocoon Envelope offers an excellent printability alongside with the best opacity, and an excellent runnability on converting machinery especially with automatic inserting.

These envelopes are the perfect way to complete your 100% recycled communications and can be used alongside Cocoon Preprint or Cocoon Office papers to show your customers you have a high level of environmental responsibility.

Cocoon Envelope: 80, 90,100 and 120 gsm (higher grammages available on request)

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See how much you can reduce your consumption of the world's natural resources by using Cocoon Envelope


Product certifications

  • FSC® Recycled certified (N° FSC-C021878)
  • EU Ecolabel certified in the Copying and Graphic Paper category No. FR/011/003
  • National Association of Paper Merchants
  • PCF: Process Chlorine Free
  • Din 6738: Age-resistant standard suitable for archives (LDK class 24-85)
  • Toy safety
  • Heavy metal absence


Tot Hier en met verder
100 gsm
Ensemble préservons l'environnement
80 gsm
"Malakoff Médéric"
Votre carte tiers payant
80 gsm

Printing & Folding techniques

Printing recommendations:

  • Guaranteed for Offset litho
  • Suitable for flexo printing – pre-testing recommended
  • Sheets suitable for letter press
  • Screen rulings : Max 150 lpi
  • All inks suitable for uncoated paper.
  • For heavy ink loads, work in sub-color removal : Under-colour-removal (UCR) is recommended
  • Recommended fount solution wet pH 5.5 +/- 0.5
  • Suitable for IR-dying


Converting recommendations:

  • Suitable for die cutting, gumming, perforation
  • Guaranteed for modern envelope conversion machines


  • High quality printing colour envelopes, stock and bespoke envelopes.
  • Suitable for all kind of envelope converting including auto high speed machines