Arjowiggins Graphic Papers Qualify for Xeikon Dry Toner Printers

Xeikon-9800-Digital-Document-And-Commercial-Printing-PressArjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, and digital printing specialists, Xeikon, today announced that a range of Arjowiggins Graphic’s sustainable papers have qualified for printing on Xeikon dry toner printers.

Teknocard ranges: T0 uncoated 300 gsm, T1 one side coated 300 gsm and T2 coated 350 gsm have all qualified for printing on the Xeikon 3500 flagship wide web packaging and label press. The newly launched Teknocard offers exceptional surface smoothness for superb printability and a vivid blue-white shade for stunning print contrast and product impact. The Xeikon 3500 press produces true 1200dpi for widths up to 516mm at impressive speeds and is ideally suited to deal with today’s challenges in the world of labels and flexible packaging.

Papers across the Cocoon and Cyclus ranges have qualified to be printed on the Xeikon 9800 – a fast, flexible press versatile in media handling for document production and high-end direct marketing work.

The broad range of Arjowiggins Graphic papers approved for printing on this model are: Cocoon Offset   250 gsm, Cocoon Silk 115, 170 and 350 gsm and Cocoon Gloss 115 gsm a range of 100% recycled extra white papers that have the qualities and appearance of virgin fibre paper but with superior environmental credentials; Cyclus Offset 100% recycled 100 gsm a natural white paper that accentuates the creative message, where touch and feel combine and support the visual image; and Cyclus Print 100% recycled 130 gsm a natural white matt coated paper.

John Cooper, Customer Support Director, Arjowiggins Graphic, said:
“Our innovative range of sustainable papers have been developed with digital printing in mind and we are very pleased to add Xeikon media qualification to the list of OEM recommendations”.

Hans Verberckmoes, Print Media & technology Centre Manager, Xeikon, said:
“Our test engineers were really impressed by the print quality of Cocoon and Cyclus and were particularly impressed with Teknocard.”

Details on the conditions used for testing can be found on the Xeikon approved media website.


The leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, Arjowiggins Graphic, has been announced a winner of multiple accolades at the WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2016.

Arjowiggins Graphic has received the WWF Environmental paper Awards 2016 (Category “Transparency”) for publishing the forest, climate and water footprint for 100% of their paper products in the categories Uncoated, Coated and Speciality Paper.

Moreover, 17 Arjowiggins Graphic papers have received the WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2016 in the category “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands”.

Cyclus 100% Recycled, reaching 92% of achievable scores and Cocoon Silk 100% recycled reaching 86%, have been among the winners of WWF´s Environmental Paper Awards 2016 in the category “Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands.

Gilles Lhermitte Sustainability Director at Arjowiggins Graphic, said “We are incredibly proud to have been recognised by the leading international environmental body, WWF, for our efforts to be environmentally accountable and produce environmentally responsible products. Our success at this year’s awards will hopefully demonstrate to others that paper can be produced responsibly and that both paper producers and suppliers can have a meaningful role in a “green economy”.

WWF created the WWF Environmental Paper Awards to recognise and encourage company efforts in reducing the forest, water and climate footprint of paper production. WWF´s Check your Paper Method, which is simple but scientifically robust, is the basis for the WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2016. Winners are awarded in 3 categories – access details here:



For further information and images please contact:
Lynda Redington, Another Word
T: +44 07946 355 547

Helma Brandlmaier, WWF International
T: +43 67684272 8219

Notes to Editors

WWF is managing two key accountability tools to encourage continual improvement in the pulp and paper sector: WWF´s Check your Paper focuses on brand level performance (and is the basis for the WWF Environmental Paper Awards); the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index looks at a company´s overall performance, including targets. Both accountability tools are aligned in their methods and are based on voluntary participation by companies. They are designed for all the main pulp and paper categories including coated and uncoated papers, newsprint, tissue, packaging and board papers, speciality papers and pulp.

WWF´s Check your Paper (CYP) was created in 2007 in cooperation with paper buyers to reduce the complexity in evaluating a paper product´s footprint. The CYP Method was developed in cooperation with scientists, paper buyers, producers and NGOs and is a simple but scientifically robust method in evaluating a paper product’s footprint.
CYP was also designed to assist companies along the whole pulp and paper supply chain to work together in their efforts towards greater sustainability and credibility. Since 2015 it also includes an online Self-Check as free and non-public management tool to support a company’s internal decision making between sales, marketing, production/technical and procurement divisions.
Check your Paper features also a public database for pulp and paper products with high environmental standards.

The WWF Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) evaluates a company´s overall performance, including targets. The EPCI started in its current form in 2010 and credits transparency and improvements over time, publishing aggregated findings company by company without direct comparisons. Companies receive non-public benchmarking report cards for company internal discussions. Participation today covers 15% of the world paper and 15% of the world´s pulp production.
It has increased from 5 participants in 2010, to 15 (in 19 product categories) in 2011, 25 participants (in 40 product categories) in 2013 and 31 participants (in 52 product categories) in 2015 with the following regional spread: (participants by region/headquarter locations: 14 Europe, 8 North America, 6 South/Central America, 2 Asia, 1 Africa). The next EPCI will be published in November 2017 – get more information from URL:

About Arjowiggins Graphic

Arjowiggins Graphic is a leader in the development of innovative environmental paper solutions, offering consistently high quality coated and uncoated recycled papers. The branch is part of Arjowiggins, the world’s leading manufacturer of creative high-tech materials and papers. With over 3,500 employees and 16 paper mills around the world, Arjowiggins generates sales of around €905 million. Arjowiggins is the manufacturing arm of Sequana.

About WWF

WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organizations, with over 5 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. WWF´s has a long standing track record working with companies towards continual improvement within the forest and paper sectors and to increase supply chain transparency. WWF´s Check your Paper platform and the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index are key accountability tools to motivate and reward continual improvement in the forest products sector. For more information, visit

Galeries Lafayette has chosen Arjowiggins paper for their 2016 Christmas display, at the Paris Flagship store.


Arjowiggins Graphic is very proud to have contributed to the first tree made entirely from paper, displayed in the centre of Coupole, at the Parisian famous department store.  Maine M1 380gsm has been chosen for its quality and flame-proof resistant properties.

This magnificent paper tree plays a part in  in the extraordinary tale designed by French artist Lorenzo Papace, along with the paper window displays from Arjowiggins Creative Papers.

To learn more about this projet, click here.

Sapin en papier Maine M1 aux Galeries Lafayettes


in-situ-1lowSteve Edge Design was appointed by Argent LLP to develop a brand identity for their latest commercial building, R7 in Kings Cross, London. One of the key strategies for the project was to mirror the vibrant nature of the development in a stunning 68-page brochure, made using Cyclus Offset 100gsm. Cyclus was chosen to add a modern feel but on paper that wasn’t pure white; a high-end brochure with a newspaper look.

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Arjowiggins Graphic, the specialist manufacturer of recycled papers, will promote its market leading sustainable paper and packaging products at LUXE PACK Monaco (21 – 23 September 2016). At the event, Arjowiggins Graphic will showcase a complete range of bright white recycled solutions that are perfectly suitable for the luxury packaging that works well across a range of applications including shopping bags, gift vouchers and brand packaging. Arjowiggins Graphic will also highlight their unique eco calculator and environmental benefit statement, enabling luxury brands to measure their environmental savings and supporting them in visibly demonstrating their sustainability credentials to consumers.


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Arjowiggins’ special correspondant at Drupa

Will Green Drupa
Will Green – Digital Marketing Manager, Arjowiggins Graphic

As a first timer at Drupa, it is hard not to have built a preconception and have been influenced by other opinions before attending the print show. The show, the events, product launches and talks are talked about perpetually – and every conversation builds a picture in your mind – but nothing compares to actually attending the show in person.

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Arjowiggins Graphic plays up the benefits of digital printing with photobooks, Casino playing cards and even personalised wallpaper!

Arjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, is partnering with HP to demonstrate the print performance of Cocoon Silk and Gloss 100% recycled on HP Indigo machines during DRUPA.

The showcase will demonstrate the versatility of recycled papers. A variety of applications will be printed on paper supplied by Arjowiggins Graphic including books, dust jackets, posters, calendars, photo books and colouring books etc. Cocoon Gloss 100% recycled has been chosen to run on the new HP 50000 machine.

Working with HP allows Arjowiggins Graphic to demonstrate the superior print quality of its papers that have been adapted to suit the HP technology, guaranteed to run trouble free on the HP Indigo machines.

Jean Charles Monange, Sales and Marketing Director of Arjowiggins Graphic says:

“The HP partnership showcase the versatility of our recycled papers and also the diversity of applications that can be printed, using some of the most advanced digital printing technology available on the market. It allows us to push boundaries on applications such as digitally printing Casino playing cards and even personalised Digital Wallpaper. The innovation of HP Indigo printing presses and our own papers make us perfect partners”.

The Arjowiggins Graphic partnership with HP also provides the perfect opportunity for customers to have even more confidence in recycled products.

Richard Owers Director of Pureprint, leaders in sustainable print says:

“We chose the HP Indigo printing technology because it produces the best digitally printed results. The HP 7800 and 10000 also print on any paper and the combination of HP printing and the best creative papers helps us to produce printed campaigns that are achieving greater engagement than any ‘new media’ campaign”.

Arjowiggins Graphic partners with Landa for Drupa Showcase

Landa S10_Cockpit_04Dusseldorf, Germany (Drupa 2016) May 31 May, 2016

Arjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, is partnering with Landa at Drupa 2016 to demonstrate the print performance of recycled paper.

Arjowiggins Graphic is providing 32 tonnes of Cocoon Gloss 100% bright white recycled paper in B1 for use by Landa during the print demonstrations of the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press at Drupa, the world’s leading trade fair for print. The event takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany from 31 May to 10 June.

Ideal for printing all graphical applications including brochures, direct mail, menus and leaflets, Cocoon Gloss is an outstanding paper to demonstrate the high-level print quality that can be achieved with high-end recycled paper.

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Arjowiggins Graphic and Ricoh tie up to showcase recycled paper performance at Drupa 2016


Arjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, is teaming up with Ricoh to demonstrate the high performance of recycled and sustainable papers. The showcase will take place at Drupa, in Düsseldorf, Germany from 31 May to 10 June.

Arjowiggins Graphic will provide Cyclus Offset, Cocoon Silk 100% recycled paper along with Satimat and the newly launched Teknocard virgin fibre paper, to be run live demonstrations on the Ricoh Pro™ C7110, Pro™ C9110 and Pro™ C8120 production dry toner cut sheet printers at the Ricoh stand in Hall 8a at Drupa.

The showcase will demonstrate the versatility of Arjowiggins Graphic papers and the diversity of applications that can be printed on these presses. During the demonstrations, a variety of applications will be printed on paper supplied by Arjowiggins Graphic including books, dust jackets, posters, manuals, calendars, photobooks and colouring books etc.

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Arjowiggins Flame-retardant Paper in the spotlight at Drupa 2016

Messe Düsseldorf has chosen Arjowiggins Graphic flame retardant paper Maine M1 for the production of paper displays designed by the agency Wanda Barcelona. The designs will be on display at the forthcoming DRUPA exhibition in Dusseldorf, from May 31st to June 10th 2016
Wanda, a paper display specialist, took their inspiration from Japanese floral elements when creating these magnificent paper structures. The paper is printed on a KBA printer and cut on Highcon digital cutting machines.

You can discover these artistic exhibits, made from Maine M1 Classic 250 gsm, at the entry of the hall EN.1, hung from the glass roof, and along the walls of the DRUPA cube, Hall 6 D03.
In addition, the laser digital cutting and creasing machine manufacturer, Highcon is also using Maine M1 paper for its displays on its 841 m² booth, Hall 9 C50.

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Arjowiggins Graphic to showcase recycled paper performance on HP INDIGO digital presses

Arjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, is collaborating with HP to demonstrate the print performance of Cocoon Gloss 100% recycled media on the new HP Indigo 50000 Digital Press. This will be shown at Hall 17 at the drupa trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany from 31 May to 10 June.

Cocoon Gloss 100% recycled media is ideal for posters, dust jackets, photo books and manuals. It will be demonstrated on the innovative HP Indigo 50000, in its first ever showing at a trade show. The HP Indigo 50000 Digital Press is a 30-inch duplex web press offering breakthrough productivity with HP Indigo’s outstanding color quality. Designed for high-volume printing, the press is a highly productive solution for photobooks, yearbooks, publications, direct mail and marketing collateral.

Cocoon Silk 100% recycled paper along with Novatech Digital Gloss FSC mix certified paper will also be run on a range of HP Indigo digital presses. Cocoon Gloss and Cocoon Silk sheet size 530 x 750 mm will be run on the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press and the new HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press, printing book covers and calendars. Novatech Digital gloss 320 x 460 mm sheets will run on the HP Indigo 7800 and HP Indigo 8000 Digital Presses, printing photo books and book covers. Cocoon Gloss reels will run on the HP Indigo WS6800p Digital Press printing photo books, dust jackets and covers.

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Arjowiggins Graphic and ChildFund International join forces to get girls cycling to school safely

Cyclus website page mailer and notepadsArjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, today launches a new global collaboration with Un Enfant Par La Main, a partner of ChildFund International. This partnership directly champions women’s education by funding much-needed bicycles to provide safe transport to school for female students across India as well as raises awareness of Cyclus’ first-rate environmental and ethical credentials.
The campaign calls on designers, printers, print managers and corporate end users to watch the videos on the impactful campaign website ( For every 50 video views Arjowiggins Graphic provides one bike for a female student in India, the basic transportation needed to get to school safely thus encouraging them to continue with their education. The aim is to provide 100 bikes by the end of the campaign, which runs from 1 April to the end of May 2016.

This latest Cyclus campaign will today be launched in 35 countries, including France, Australia, South Africa and the UK.

When visiting the dedicated website customers can also request a set of three Cyclus 100% recycled notepads, which through design showcase Cyclus’ unique look and feel. Arjowiggins Graphic is supporting the campaign with mailings, e-mailings, web banners and social media.

A striking and innovative bicycle themed campaign mailer has been produced to raise awareness of the campaign. It uses Arjowiggins Graphics’ CyclusOffset 300gsm and CyclusPrint 300gsm for the wheels, which are designed to appear turning. It is 190x190mm in size and is tied together with a natural latex band. The three notepads use CyclusPrint 300gsm for the cover pages and CyclusOffset 90gsm for the internal text pages. CyclusPrint is a 100% recycled matt-coated natural white printing paper for use in both full colour and black and white printing and ideal for a variety of uses whilst Cyclus Offset is a 100% recycled uncoated natural white paper that accentuates the creative message, where touch and feel combine with and support – the visual image.

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Arjowiggins Graphic wins an award in “best publishing realisation by a private company” category for the 2015 Communication Trophies®

Logo Trophée Communication 3e

Arjowiggins Graphic is proud to announce that the “Company kit brochure” has been winning the 3rd place in the “Best publishing realisation by a private company” category for the 2015 Communication Trophies®, the french Award dedicated to recognizing best actors in the communication sector.
The full shortlist is published on the event website at to see the competition.
The 2015 Communication Trophy took place on Friday, November 27th at the Partouche Casino “Le Pasino”, in La Grande Motte, France.

For 14 years, the Communication Trophies® are opened to all. Public service or private sector, from the small company to the big group, the small business sector or the associations, the cultural sphere or the industrial world, the corporate web site in the site of e-commerce, 32 categories allow to reward the best communication actions and the best communicators of the public service and the business world.

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FSC COP21 – Interview Gilles Lhermitte – Sustainable Development Director at Arjowiggins

A manifesto: preserving the value of forests and fighting to mitigate climate change

As a pioneer of forests preservation worldwide, FSC wishes to challenge the decision-makers by launching a manifesto. For what purpose? First, to federate actors who provide a solution in the preservation of forests and secondly, to make FSC certification a reflex, not only for the public actors, but also for the private ones and the consumers.

Gilles Lhermitte, Sustainable Development Director at Arjowiggins Graphic, explains in the following interview why Arjowiggins Graphic signed this manifesto.


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Arjowiggins Graphic becomes COP21 Official Partner

COP21-officialpartnerArjowiggins Graphic, the European leader in the development of environmental paper solutions, today announces that it will be an Official Partner of COP21 taking place in Paris from 30 th November to 11th December 2015.

In 2015 COP21, will, for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, aim to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C. The conference is expected to attract close to 40,000 participants including 20,000 official delegates from government, intergovernmental organisations, UN agencies, NGOs and civil society.

As an official event partner, Arjowiggins Graphic aims to promote and develop the use of recycled papers – in Europe recycled paper only accounts for 12%* of paper usage and yet omits 38% less CO2 than a non recycled paper.

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Kaleidoscope of Colours Inspires Arjowiggins Graphic latest Cocoon campaign

Arjo Wiggins Cocoon Butterfly

Arjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of recycled papers, today announces the launch of a new Cocoon global campaign.

The campaign, which uses the tagline, “white, recycled and so much more” showcases a spectrum of colour and range of print finishes on Cocoon.

The campaign features the iconic Cocoon butterfly, inspired by how a caterpillar in a cocoon transforms into a beautiful butterfly. In the new campaign, the Cocoon butterfly appears in a geometrical, technical and coloured design, like that of a kaleidoscope. It reflects the colour and print potential of Cocoon, an established high performing, extra-white and 100% recycled paper.

The campaign, which will be rolled out by Antalis and target designers, printers and end users, will run from October 20th until December 4th, 2015 across 26 countries. It includes an elegant mailer, which features embossing on the front cover and an insert with detachable paper butterfly stickers. The mailers will be printed on Cocoon Offset or Cocoon Silk 300 gsm, depending the country, 4 colour Komori energy efficient H-UV offset and presented in Cocoon Offset 100gsm envelopes.

The campaign is supported by HTML emails and a dedicated website –, where customers are encouraged to answer a simple question correctly to be entered into a free prize draw with the chance to win one of two long weekends for two in the colourful Italian village of Cinque Terre and some other surprises for the next 20 winners.

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Arjowiggins Graphic publishes its 2014 Sustainable Development Report

Packshot RSE 2014

Arjowiggins Graphic, a leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, published its latest CSR report, detailing its industry-leading milestones, ambitions to work towards a circular economy and its role in developing a more sustainable industry.

Agnès Roger, Chief Executive of Arjowiggins Graphic comments: “In 2014, we continued to develop our volumes of recycled paper and won new customers who have incorporated our products into their sustainable development policies, safe in the knowledge that we do not compromise on the quality of our papers.
There are still a number of misconceptions about recycled paper that we have to overcome. To do this, we support our customers, private enterprises and local governments with their sustainable paper procurement policies.”

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Arjowiggins Graphic launches TEKNOCARD the widest range of premium board for packaging and graphical applications.

TEKNOCARD_NBTEKNOCARD offers the largest range of premium board on the market today. Whatever you are looking for, uncoated, 1 or 2-side coated, woodfree or recycled… with Teknocard, you will find the exact cartonboard needed for every graphical and packaging application.

The whole range is FSC certified and guarantees outstanding bulk, stiffness and dimensional stability and with it’s perfect surface smoothness is sure to deliver exceptional color reproduction and converting performance. To answer printers and brandholders needs for an environmental altenative 50 and 100 percent post-consumer waste recycled options are available.

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WWF recognizes the leadership in transparency of 25 of the world’s most important pulp and paper manufacturers

Gland, Switzerland — WWF recognizes the leadership in transparency of 25 of the world’s most important pulp and paper manufacturers, as demonstrated by their participation in the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index 2013. Companies voluntarily disclosed the ecological footprint of 40 product categories, more than doubling those evaluated in the 2011 index.

The companies recognized for their transparency in today’s launch of the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) 2013 together produce 14 per cent of the world´s paper and board, respectively 28 per cent of the world’s graphic paper, 29 per cent of the world’s newsprint, 14 per cent of the world’s tissue and 6 per cent of the world’s packaging. They also produce 14 per cent of the world’s pulp.

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Arjowiggins Graphic celebrates biomimicry in latest Cocoon campaign

Photo mailing Cocoon papillon AntalisFor their latest Cocoon campaign Arjowiggins Graphic have looked to nature to help showcase the beauty of recycled paper. Inspired by how a caterpillar in a cocoon transforms into a beautiful butterfly, Arjowiggins Graphic’s ‘Biomimicry Campaign’ will use mailers and a website to convey how its Cocoon range has turned waste paper into 100% recycled extra white paper.

Arjowiggins Graphic and Antalis will distribute 40,000 mailers across Europe from the 15th September until 15th November, which will be accompanied by a dedicated campaign website and competition.

The mailers distributed in the UK printed on Cocoon Offset 100% Recycled, FSC® Recycled Certified, 300gsm will transform in to a die-cut 3D butterfly when unfolded. The mailers will be supported by 2 Eblasts, adverts and the English version of the dedicated website:

The mailers feature an array of futuristic black, blue and purple colours on the exterior. On the inside the mailers are a stark contrast with shades of pink, blue, green and orange on a bright white background, capturing the light playful colours associated with butterflies. The colourful mailers will also feature an innovative green ‘ECOfilm’ gloss lamination that is biodegradable.

As well as showcasing the high whiteness and finish that the Cocoon Offset papers achieve the mailer will also offer recipients the opportunity to win luxury eco-gifts, including LUSH gift vouchers and a grand prize of a long weekend to Iceland for two lucky winners.

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Arjowiggins Graphic publishes its 2013 Sustainable Development Report

Looking back on a sustainable year

CSR report 2013Arjowiggins Graphic, a leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, today published its latest CSR report, detailing its industry-leading milestones, ambitions to work towards a circular economy and its role in developing a more sustainable industry.

Agnès Roger, Chief Executive of Arjowiggins Graphic comments: “When it comes to environmental and social responsibility every act counts, no matter how small. An industry like ours needs to give itself clear and ambitious targets and implement strategies to achieve them, one step at a time. At Arjowiggins Graphic, we have been implementing a sustainable development policy for several years that surpasses our customers’ expectations and the regulations in force, and we’ve seen this go from strength to strength in 2013.”

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ISO 50001 energy management system for all manufacturing sites

Arjowiggins Graphic successfully implements ISO 50001

This international standard recognises businesses that are demonstrating best practice in energy management and whilst following a programme for continuous improvement.

The careful and responsible use of energy has long been an important part of the Arjowiggins Graphic corporate policy that extends to all departments and employees.

Although in recent years, various energy conservation measures have been successfully implemented, the company decided to approach the diverse activities of energy efficiency in a more consistent and systematic way. Through the introduction of an energy management system in line with ISO 50001; continuous improvements in energy performance, efficiency and cost reductions can be achieved.

Energy Management at Arjowiggins Graphic has become an integral part of the management system and having already achieved the ISO9001 Quality, ISO14001 Environment, OHSAS18001 Health and Safety and FSCTM Chain of Custody standards, this now completes our programme. It has been an outstanding team effort from the Arjowiggins Graphic’s staff to accomplish the certification process.

“Environmental performance and energy management are rooted in Arjowiggins Graphics culture and have been a priority since the creation of the Company. Today, our products and technologies are recognised as enabling low energy consumption for the end user. It is completely complementary now for our 4 manufacturing sites producing these products to be certified; an acknowledgement of the substantial work undertaken at our sites for better energy consumption and management,” commented Agnes Roger, Chief Executive Arjowiggins Graphic.

The efficient use of all energy sources deployed at Arjowiggins Graphic also makes a contribution to the long term and sustainable improvement of our competitiveness and shows that as a company, we are committed to the responsible treatment of valuable resources.

Crystal clear message with new Cocoon campaign

New campaign from Arjowiggins Graphic showcases that recycled paper doesn’t have to compromise on quality or whiteness

cocoon-campaign-2013-packshotArjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, has teamed up with Antalis to launch a new innovative campaign to showcase the unique quality of its Cocoon recycled paper.

The campaign consisting of a mailer, game and dedicated website targets designers, businesses and printers in twenty-three countries across Europe. The mailer features an image of a crystal that turns into a 3D diamond to reflect the  cycle of Cocoon, which transforms recycled pulp into beautiful, clean white paper.

Using Cocoon Silk 250gsm manufactured from 100% de-inked pulp this new mailer showcases the whiteness and finish that can be achieved from recycled waste paper. Cocoon is a range of 100% recycled FSC certified and 50% recycled FSC mix certified offset and coated papers with the qualities and appearance of virgin fibre papers but with far superior environmental credentials

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Arjowiggins graphic launches the innovative 100% recycled High speed inkjet paper portfolio

Brochure_Inkjet_AWGArjowiggins Graphic has announced the launch of its Innovative 100% recycled High speed Inkjet paper portfolio, a range of OEM qualified and sustainable products designed to run on all Inkjet digital presses including the latest generation of machines. Once again Arjowiggins Graphic meets market demand and continues to lead industry innovation with an exciting new range of 100% recycled papers, engineered specifically for inkjet colour printing.

“This Inkjet Portfolio complements the rest of our digital product offering. We see this product range as an innovative and alternative solution for printers and their Corporate clients. These specially engineered, premium quality web inkjet papers are already creating profitable new markets in transpromo and direct mail, with increasing commercial print applications,” said Jean Charles Monange, sales and marketing director, Arjowiggins Graphic.

The Cocoon and Cyclus Jet families provide a unique combination of high quality performance at full press speed and Improve color depth in combination with ink consumption reduction.

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