Eural Envelope

  • FSC
  • EU Ecolabel
  • Blauer Engel

Eural Envelope is 100% recycled, uncoated envelopes paper with a natural white shade, it’s manufactured from 100% recycled uncoated paper.

Eural range is manufactured in France at Le Bourray mill, the de-inked pulp is produced onsite and neither process uses bleaching or chemical treatments. Eural Envelope offers a very high opacity as well as a great printability, and excellent runnability on high speed envelope machines or converting machinery with automatic inserting.

With a natural whiteness, Eural Envelope is the perfect finish to your 100% recycled communications and can be complemented with Eural Preprint and Eural Office papers.

Eural Envelope is available in 70 and 80 gsm (higher grammages available on request).

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Eigenschaften & Vorteile

100% Recyclingpapier
Verringert die Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt durch Recycling von Papier

Maßgeschneidertes Angebot mit erweitertem Sortiment
Umfassendes Angebot an gestrichenen und ungestrichenen Grammaturen, mit einer Erzeugung die auf Ihre individuellen Anforderungen eingestellt ist.

Ein starkes Umweltengagement vom Altpapier bis zum fertigen Produkt
Produktionsprozesse, welche die CO2-Emissionen deutlich reduzieren sowie eine erhebliche Reduzierung des Verbrauchs an Wasser, Energie und Rohstoffen.


Printing recommendations:

Guaranteed for Offset litho
Suitable for flexo printing – pre-testing recommended
Sheets suitable for letterpress
Screen rulings (Max 150 lpi)
For heavy ink loads, work in sub-color removal (Under-colour-removal (UCR) is recommended
Recommended fount solution wet pH 5.5 +/- 0.5
All inks suitable for uncoated paper
Suitable for water based offset varnishes – pre-testing recommended

Converting recommendations:

Suitable for die cutting
Guaranteed for modern envelope conversion machine